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You Fly Here

This is by far the most popular choice. A family member of yours flies out to us. You would purchase a regular flight ticket and an airline approved carrier. You also need to notify the airline soon after you purchase the ticket that you will be flying with a puppy. There is an airline pet fee which is ~$75-125 depending on the airline. The puppy flies in front of you under the seat and they sleep most of the time! We can meet you at the SLC airport in Utah or the Raleigh airport in North Carolina. We will send you with a collapsible bowl, some potty pads, a pig ear, small blanket, toy. 

You Drive Here

Driving is also a simple option if you don't live far. We have had families drive 10 hours and the puppy does great in the car! You will need to be prepared to stop every 2 hours at a safe spot where no other dogs go potty. The puppy usually sleeps the whole time on someones lap. If you plan on staying at a hotel or airbnb overnight, you can bring a small carrier or travel collapsible pet playpen. We will send you with a collapsible bowl, some potty pads, a pig ear, small blanket, toy. 

Hiring a Puppy Nanny

You can hire a flight nanny if you don't want the fuss of leaving your town. We can give you options of nannies we trust. The nanny flies in the cabin with the puppy and meets you at your nearest airport. The cost of the nanny is dependent on the cost of the flight, length of layover, distance, overnight stay, etc.


Do We Ship Cargo?

I'm sorry we do not ship our puppies cargo. Shipping a puppy cargo is when the puppy flies in a crate in the belly of the plane where all of the luggage is stored. This environment is not temperature controlled and there are too many risks of things going wrong when flown this way.

Flying a Puppy to Mexico

We have found this to be very simple. There are no extra papers needed other than the vaccination record. A health certificate is not required. It is easiest for you to fly from Mexico to pick up the puppy here but we also have flight nannies available.

Flying a Puppy to Canada

1) The easiest way to get a puppy to Canada is for you to fly here to pick up the puppy and we can meet you at our nearest airport. We will provide you with a vaccination form and Bill of Sale.

2) The other method is, you can hire a flight nanny to meet you at the closest US airport and you can drive across the border to meet the flight nanny at that US airport. You will need your passport to cross the border. We will provide you with the vaccination form and Bill of Sale. The puppy also needs to be 8 weeks of age to cross the border into Canada.


3) If you hire a flight nanny to fly the pup to Canada, there are some requirements. Canada requires you to apply for an import permit 30 days before the flight. The pup also needs a health certificate from the vet within 72 hours of flying. This is because the puppy will be flying "commercially" and not with the owner (you) which would be "non-commercially". I do not suggest this method due to the many complications.

Flying a Puppy to Europe

You will need to check the requirements of your individual country and also the requirements of the airline you may be flying. Some countries require a dog to be a certain age, have a rabies vaccine (this can't be done until 12 weeks old), and be microchipped. We will provide you with the Vet Health Certificate and vaccination form for travel. The vet also charges a $250 fee for an international health certificate.

Our flight nannies do not fly to Europe so you will need to fly here to pick up the puppy. 

NOTE: There is also a 21 day waiting period until the puppy can fly to Europe after getting the rabies shot. We do not suggest flying puppies to Europe due to the complications.

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