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We are 3 sisters, Rebekah, Charlotte, and Liz, that love breeding Goldendoodles. We've been breeding since 2015 in Utah & North Carolina. Our mamas are a part of loving families and the puppies are integrated into every aspect of our lives. We give them the best start possible. Please reach out to get to know us or any of our mamas. 


Olive is our F1 Standard Goldendoodle mama that lives in North Carolina. She spends her days playing with the kids, sitting in the sun on the porch, playing with Rya (her fur-sister), & cuddling with her mama on the couch. She is such a caring and playful mama with her puppies. Her puppies will be Mini Goldendoodles (25-35 lbs).


Zurie is our F1 Standard Goldendoodle mama that lives in Utah and is Olive's sister (shown here with her as a puppy).  She is a well behaved and a playful dog. Our favorite thing about her is how she smiles when she sees people she loves. She is also the most attentive mama to her puppies. Her puppies will be Mini/Medium Goldendoodles (20-40 lbs).

Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 5.41.24 PM.png


Freya is our picture perfect teddy bear Mini Goldendoodle mama that lives in Utah. She is super social and loves to be with her people. She also loves showing off tricks for anyone with a treat. Here she is with Rya (when Rya was a puppy) showing her the ropes and also a pic with her mama when she was a puppy. Her puppies will be 15-25 lbs. 


Rya is our Teacup Goldendoodle mama in North Carolina. Her favorite thing is to spend time in the yard taking everything in. She also loves playing with any dogs and kids. Her favorite human is her daddy (who she has wrapped around her little paw and pictured here being held by him).



Milly is our Teacup Goldendoodle mama that lives in Utah and is such a smart dog. She loves snuggling with her family and loves playing with her fur-brother. She is such a delight to have around and her deep red coat is a dream come true.



Mila is a happy, calm,  Medium Goldendoodle that lives in Utah. She loves to play outside and she loves back scratches. She has the deepest red coat! She is the perfect mama to her puppies that typically range from 15-27 lbs.


Maylee is a Mini Goldendoodle that lives in Utah and is the best dog ever! She is always up for a good game of fetch or a long hike, but she is also happy to curl up with you and snuggle. Her puppies will be ~15-25 lbs.

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